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i havent been on this blog in forever hi

it won’t let me reblog the damn audio post but don’t fucking use someone’s art as an album cover for your music without sourcing it. fuck.

to me tyran not only has great fucking concepts, i think the mythology and character designs seem the most alien to me and that’s just fucking awesome

cuz you look at these bots as a species, instead of a bunch of robots who basically just manufactured themselves. they’ve got so much in them, so much to say that the movies restricted, and people don’t see that

the potential of tyran, IT COULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER, but we were given a sub standard movie deal that overshadowed a lot of that beauty and refinement that most people overlook


people rag on movieverse but let me tell u it has some of the best concepts image

#fandom secret #movieverse is actually the best fucking verse with it’s concepts#story/characters no #but concepts #can we take Beast Wars and TFA writing#and put it with tyran concepts #and then throw in Star Saber and Dezaurus #okay i’d be happy #i’d forgive you transformers



tfp is the sonic ‘06 of transforMERS


transformers prime is bad
just fucking admit it it’s bad